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2022 Rockids 2022 Agenda

Our professionals – experts in early childhood

Our education teams dedicated to the development of your children

Each Rockids establishment, crèche or after-school day care centre has a team of professionals who accompany your children on a daily basis to guide them towards autonomy and development.

We are experts in childhood and develop within our structures a system of non-formal education anchored in the principles of positive pedagogy and caring education.

Qualified and trained education teams

Our teams are professionals, qualified and/or trained internally or by selected training centres, to provide quality and caring support.
In liaison with the parents, the children are welcomed each day by a qualified reference person who ensures respect for the child as a unique individual, for its family and culture. This person is also the guarantees that the rhythm and particular needs of each child is respected and gets the due consideration in all areas of life within the facility.

The education teams of our nurseries and homes comprise:

  • Qualified and graduate educators
  • Early childhood support workers
  • Trained educational assistants

In accordance with our accreditation as an “Approved Education and Care Service”, the supervision of your children is organised as follows

  • 1 teacher for 6 children up to 2 years old
  • 1 teacher for 8 children up to 4 years old
  • 1 teacher for 11 children up to 12 years old
Supervision and support for your child

Management teams

A Pedagogy and Operations Director, who is a child specialist, defines the pedagogical guidelines and the general action plans implemented in the Rockids crèches and homes.

A sector manager, an early childhood professional, participates in the emotional and psychomotor development of children. He/she supervises the local teams and ensures that the pedagogy is implemented and that the general action plans are respected.

A multidisciplinary training manager and Montessori specialist ensures the continuous training of the teams by setting up an internal and external training course, up to 24 hours per year.

Each facility is under the supervision of a crèche or day care centre. As the person in charge of the organisation of the establishment, he/she serves as the reference person for the families and ensures they receive a warm welcome. As a qualified educator, he/she ensures the well-being of your child and that there are adequate means available to him/her, in order to provide a framework conducive to its development and fulfilment.

All guarantors of childcare expertise

Childhood stakeholders and partnerships with institutions, associations, etc.

Animation, stimulation and discovery for the child’s development

In order to offer your children a variety of experiences that will help them develop their awareness and learning, we call on psychomotor therapists, musicians and other professionals to visit our day care centres on an occasional basis.

We are also developing partnerships with cultural and sports associations, as well as retirement homes, to encourage mutual aid, openness towards others and community life.

Outings to swimming pools, leisure parks, schools and museums encourage the intellectual, physical and sensory development of our children

Technical teams at the service of your children

In order to provide your children with a harmonious and favourable developmental environment, we also have in-house technical services available to the crèches and day care centres:

  • A cook and a kitchen assistant for the preparation of the children’s meals,
  • Service agents trained to clean the premises in accordance with health and safety regulations,
  • A works team for the maintenance and upkeep of the premises.

At Rockids, the well-being of your children is fundamental. We put in place the framework and organisation that are useful and essential for their development in the best possible conditions.

Stewardship and maintenance for suitable, welcoming and safe childcare facilities

Our teams

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