Barefoot at the crèche!

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Free motor skills and children’s autonomy

At Rockids, we are supporters of free motor skills.

Like any other pedagogical concept, free motor skills start from a theory. Emmy Pickler, a Hungarian paediatrician who founded the Loczy nursery in Hungary, developed the concept of free motor skills for children throughout her life.

In its principles of child development, independent activity plays a major role in the psychomotor development of young children. By feeling free to move, the child will enjoy spontaneous activities and gradually discover its own skills and environment.

Learning to walk… on foot!

Many health professionals, including osteopaths, agree that the best way to teach a child to walk is to learn to walk barefoot. This allows the baby to feel its support points better and to develop its muscles.

The muscles of the feet grip the ground, and the toes are spread out to maintain balance. Barefoot, the arch of the foot will adapt to the unevenness of the ground and thus become more muscular, which is very beneficial for the health of a child’s foot.

The baby who is left free starts to move on to new things when they are ready. As a result, falls are less frequent because the child is confident in its abilities. Phases of regression or pauses before a new acquisition are normal.

We are fortunate, especially in our Rockids crèche in Dudelange, to have underfloor heating. The little feet of “our little ones” are warm and safe, in the best conditions to learn to walk.


Barefoot routes in our nurseries

To take this concept a step further, we have created barefoot paths in the gardens of our various day care centres.

Created by the children in conjunction with our teams of educators, these circuits allow them to explore their senses by walking barefoot on different materials such as sand, bark, gravel or even softer materials such as different textures of fabric.

In addition to strengthening the muscles of the arch of the foot, this activity allows children to explore their senses. This activity allows raises awareness of the elements and provides a certain amount of well-being.

So don’t hesitate to let your children walk barefoot on different materials and floors. Take off your shoes and socks!

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