Free day care centers, understanding the measure at Rockids

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Recently published in the press, a new law on free education and childcare for school children will be effective 15 September 2022. This is a very good news, but there are still many questions about the actual measure. Our team will help you to understand the changes that will take place at the beginning of the school year.

Free childcare for school children, but under specific conditions

Rockids day care centers are among the non-formal education facilities eligible for this new law. All children subject to the obligation to attend school will be eligible for free education (compulsory schooling concerns children aged 4 and not “précoce” children)
Free after-school care will be covered up to the maximum amount of the CSA voucher (6€/hour) Beyond this rate, the excess will be charged to the parents (difference between the hourly rate of your day care centre and the 6€)
The free service will only apply during school periods, from Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm.
Outside of these hours and during holiday periods, the scale of your current childcare service voucher (CSA) will be applicable for the calculation of the parents’ financial contribution.
During holiday periods there is currently a ceiling of 100€ per week which will no longer apply.


Free meals in day care centres

From 15 September 2022, free meals in day care centers will apply, up to a maximum of €4.50.
As with reception, this will apply to all children subject to compulsory schooling during school weeks (i.e. regardless of the family revenue in which the child lives).

The good news is that at Rockids meals are charged at €4.50. From September 2022 they will be free during school periods and for 5 meals per week.
During holiday weeks, free meals will be reserved for children from families incomes below 2 times the minimum social wage. For meals for children from a household with an income of more than 2 times the minimum social wage, the childcare-service voucher system will be apply.

Over the year, parents win!

You will no longer pay for meals during the school weeks, and for childcare you will only pay the difference between the Rockids rate and the 6€ (multiplied by your package and the number of weeks in the month)
What will change for many will be the irregularity of invoices between school weeks and holiday weeks.

To find out more about the new legislation, the Rockids team remains at your disposal, contact us by email at or by telephone on 28 80 08.

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