Nature… a creative palette for our budding artists!

06.08.2021 Blog Rockids Blog Rockids Reading time 3 minutes
With this Reggio-inspired activity, we put nature at the centre of the child’s discoveries. Head to the nearest park to collect the materials needed for our artistic creations.

Collection of natural elements

Pebbles, branches, twigs, wood shavings, holly, leaves… everything is good for developing artistic creation and stimulating the imagination. In their search for materials, some children do not hesitate to smell plants and leaves, touch them to get a sense of the material, especially when it comes to holly. Moreover, they show a lot of joy and enthusiasm to be outside. They run, jump, climb, and enjoy being in contact with nature.

The contact with the outside environment and the use of natural elements allows children to have sensory experiences that are conducive to developing their learning.

After this beautiful afternoon of walking and discovering new plants, the next day we asked the children to exploit to the full all the things they found by providing them with supplementary materials: leaves, wooden frames, glue, scissors, etc.

Implementation and artistic creations

Putting the items they have found into a new form and thinking up creations allows them to develop their intellectual capacities. Cutting and gluing allows children to acquire technical skills and develop their manual abilities.

The moment of creation was very rich in exchanges and social relations. Everyone, children and educators, have wonderful memories of this moment of discovery and fun!

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